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The Popularity of Slots in West Virginia

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The history of gambling in West Virginia started during the era of Great Depression. One could assume that around that time, people needed to find a form of entertainment in the middle of the crisis. However, slots were not very popular until recently.

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West Virginia has one the most lenient laws when it comes to slots ownership. You are basically allowed to use, store, collect, and display any kind of slots machine. In fact, there are really no solid rules on ownership. That's why when you're in this state, you can have all the fun that you want on slots machines.

You should know that there are really no casinos in West Virginia. You can't even find tribal halls because there aren't enough Native Americans. They used to have one, but they finally moved out. Fortunately, their dog and horse tracks do have slots machines. So if you don't enjoy horses running around in circles, you can sit down in front of the slots and play.

The best slots are currently available in Wheeling Island Racetrack and Gaming Center. Though they don't have as many slots machines as offered by other casinos in different states, they have one of the biggest payouts. Their new slots can allow you to win millions of dollars. They also don't require very high wager for their popular slots machine, Wheel of Fortune. If you want to earn more, you can play on any or even all of the 15 Progressive slots. For the overly competitive (you know how playing slots alone can be quite boring), you can sign up in their slots tournaments.

The most popular games in West Virginia are dog and horse racing. Called racino, this was legalized in 1992. However, table games and other forms of casino gambling are definitely catching up. It's not going take long before they are fully legal. Although there are no bingo games in West Virginia, there is state lottery, a gambling activity controlled by West Virginia Lottery Commission.

There are a lot of activities that you can't say no to when you're in this state. One of these is the white water rafting, which provides you an adrenaline rush to perk you up all throughout the day. You can also burn those calories stored from constantly sitting down in casinos by biking in trails or in country roads. Picnics and adventure trekking with friends and family in any of the many national forests and state parks is also a enjoyable experience. You can also practice your swing at golf or even go skiing.

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