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The Predictors: Not a Typical Book About Gambling

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"The Predictors," by Thomas A. Bass may not be a gambling book that can be described as typical. Nonetheless, "The Predictors" will definitely pass as a gambling book. In this gambling book, Thomas A. Bass relates the experience of several scientists who use their talents as far as the field of non-linear dynamics is concerned in order to win against the largest casino of all. The field of non-linear dynamics that Thomas A. Bass mentions in "The Predictors" is the chaos theory.

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In "The Predictors," Thomas A. Bass features the lives of scientists Norman Packard and Doyne Farmer. These two scientists have learned how to predict the chaotic systems' behavior and they attempt to use such systems in order to forecast the financial markets' movements.

"The Predictors" is different from Thomas A. Bass' book titled "Eudaemonic Pi" but the concepts of these two books are similar. In "Eudaemonic Pi," Thomas A. Bass recounted the experience of students from the University of California, Santa Cruz to develop procedures, strategies and equipment that allowed them to win in the game of roulette. In such book, Thomas A. Bass mentions that those students also applied the chaos theory.

In "The Predictors," Thomas A. Bass talks about the computer software developed by the scientists that intends to forecast the market. Thomas A. Bass also allows readers to be informed of the efforts done by institutions and individuals to use different mathematical models in order to beat the market. Such mathematical models are described to be sophisticated.

Thomas A. Bass is skillful enough to make "The Predictors" a useful book even to non-technical readers. The contents of "The Predictors" are appropriate even to the average audience. Because of this, readers who are expecting some technicalities in this gambling book might be disappointed. There are also times when the kinds of predictability that Thomas A. Bass discusses in such gambling book are somewhat loose or that Thomas A. Bass seems to be in a hurry in discussing them. These things that we have noticed may come as a flaw to most readers. However, what makes "The Predictors" interesting is the mere fact that bringing a computer software project into fruition is a very complex and difficult task.

"The Predictors" does not seem like a gambling book but it is indeed a gambling book because it is not different from the other books that talk about poker, blackjack and other gambling activities. In this gambling book, Thomas A. Bass also educates readers on how to gain a winning advantage over other gamblers. The only difference of "The Predictors," perhaps, is the fact that the technique taught in such gambling book is more complex to apply as compared to the techniques discussed in other gambling books.

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