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The Uncommon Lifestyles of VIP Gamblers

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So, you think you want to live the life of a big-time VIP gambler? Imagine those fancy penthouse suites to kick back in every night, and all of those other gamblers whispering and pointing as you stroll across the casino floor. We can tell you firsthand that it’ great for a weekend or two, but it’s nowhere near a real life. The uncommon lifestyles of VIP gamblers are certainly not for everyone.

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Now, don’t get us wrong…being treated as if you were royalty from the moment you step off of your flight is an awesome feeling. We’ve seen some of our VIP’s make such ridiculous requests from the casino they were staying at only because they could never imagine that it could come true, but somehow they made it happen. Still, the uncommon lifestyle of VIP gamblers certainly has several downsides as well. Here are a few that we could never fully adjust to or accept.

Over the years we’ve met hundreds of successful gamblers that are at the top loyalty rating of almost every casino out there. They travel so much, in fact, that most of them sold their home and decided to live in various casinos around the world year round. It may sound glamorous and exciting, but most professionals regret not having somewhere to call home within the first 6-9 months of their careers.

Speaking of having a home, do not expect your significant other to stand by your side as bimbos throw themselves at you in a different city almost every night of the week. Sure, women love powerful, successful men, but most professional gamblers and VIP’s end up married to their career and neglecting the people closest to them. The spouses simply can not take the constant ups and downs of the gambling industry.

Another tough part of being a VIP gambler is the long hours spent at the table. Some gamblers may sit at a blackjack or craps table for twelve hours straight and eat only a hotel sandwich between antes; that’s why the vast majority of the professionals you see are overweight. No exercise combined with a lousy diet and poor sleep patterns takes its toll on the human body very quickly.

Most VIP gamblers put up with this uncommon lifestyle simply because they’re making great money overall; much more than they could earn working nine to five in another profession. Life in the fast lane can sometimes be a bit confusing though, because many professional gamblers are not saving a single penny of their winnings.

For example, we watched a player win around $8,000 at a roulette table the other week, then he turned around and bought an entire nightclub shots for about three hours that night. The next day we saw him taking out a line of credit to gamble with and he was down two grand in the first thirty minutes. Overall this VIP was a definite winner but he had absolutely nothing to show for it.

The uncommon lifestyle of VIP gamblers often makes it tough to have any kind of relationship with friends and family either. Most of the time they started gambling as a hobby, but before long that fun weekend trip somehow became a job and it definitely stopped being about fun. Now, don’t get us wrong, this does not happen with everyone; but a lot of VIP gamblers end up hating the VIP lifestyle and regretting it for life.

With almost anything in life, a little bit of something new can be a great thing but too much of it almost always ends badly. There are thousands of casual VIP gamblers that live perfectly happy lives in a big house with a wife and kids, but these are the professionals that can clearly distinguish a career from an obsession. We will always tell our readers about the best VIP programs and loyalty comps out there so you will continuously get the most for your money, but at the same time we definitely hope that you’ll gamble responsibly and have a great life as well.

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