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Tipping in Casinos

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One of the difficulties that new gamblers often encounter is that they do not know how much to tip in a casino. When the attendant hands then the money, they find themselves in an awkward position. If you are unsure, here are some thoughts to guide you.

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First of all, tipping in a casino is a personal decision, and something that cannot be imposed upon you by anyone in the casino. For instance, if you have won several thousand dollars and the attendant hands you the money accompanied by other employees, do not feel obligated to tip them all. It is usually enough to tip the dealer or the attendant.

Very often you will find yourself being given the $300 prize in $20 bills. The idea behind this is that some (not all) dealers hope you will give them the $20. You are of course, free to do so, but you should bring with you some one, five or ten dollar bills instead. That way you can decide how much to give.

It is a good idea to plan ahead your casino tip. A lot of gamblers use the 1% rule: simply put, the amount you give will be equivalent to 1% of your total winnings. If you win a $100, you tip $1; $1,000 and you give out $10 and son and so forth.

Of course this not a hard rule, and some players prefer to decrease the amount as their winnings increase (i.e., instead of paying $30 in a $3,000, you can pay $20).

Others prefer to set a ceiling or flooring, regardless of how much they win or lose. This has the advantage of giving you consistency. The incremental tip is usually observed in Poker too, with the amount determined by the pot size and how much a player has won.

Some Black Jack players prefer to put a bet for the dealer; if the hand wins, the dealer keeps the money. The amount you wager for the dealer is of course, entirely dependent on you.

Of course, there are other things that you have to consider about tipping in casinos. Take into account the service they provide. If it is slow and plodding, then you should not feel obligated to give a large tip even if you win. However, also consider the number of people present. If the casino is busy, then the attendant can be forgiven, because they are often understaffed.

However, there is no excuse for dour or petulant behavior on their part. If they are slow and sullen, then you can justify not giving out a token. Also, a lot of players do not tip when they are losing. This is of course, perfectly understandable, but even if you feel down, you should at least give a dollar, especially if the service is good.

Always remember that part of the reason why you are enjoying yourself in the casino is through the efforts of these people. If they serve you well, efficiently and "with a smile", then you should reward them accordingly.

Let them know, through your casino tip, that their efforts are very much appreciated. It is not so much the amount that will matter in the end, but rather your sincere thanks and appreciation for the job that they are doing.

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