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Tipping the Dealer at a casino

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Many players know that tipping dealers is one of the best things that a player can do in order to have a great gambling experience. Tipping dealers is an old practice but bears repetition. Many of us understand the physical aspect or financial aspect of tipping. Sometimes players get irritated at tipping them that it shows in ones faces and lets the dealers know what players think.

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One of the best ways to tip a dealer is to give them a verbal compliment. This costs nothing but can convey a whole gamut of emotions that any human being would surely appreciate. When people praise someone for their efforts, it is called "paying them a compliment"/. It is called "paying" because it is the act of giving something of value.

Many people think that verbal tipping is useless in places like casinos. People couldn't be more wrong than that. People are human beings and as such, have the same need as everyone for being recognized for the efforts expended.

Everyone likes to be appreciated, praised, and recognized when a good job is done. Players would be surprised how much a simple sincere compliment can do to get the dealers on one's side.

There are various ways to show ones appreciation. Using the game of craps as an example, players can add a single dollar on the pass bet line, signifying it as a tip for the dealers if the play wins. As the play progresses, one can simply thank the dealer for their help but add a meaningful phrase such as "I appreciate what you do.I know you all work hard and deserve it."

Phrases like these instantly boos morale and make the dealers become more sympathetic and even friendlier towards the player.

Players must bear in mind that the game of poker or blackjack is a very stressful game and more pressure is also felt by the dealers. For all intents and purposes, the dealer may even have bigger problems than the players. It never hurts to give a person a good compliment.

Here are some phrases that may be used in verbal complements:

  • I appreciate the work you've done this round. Thank you. - I know you work hard and deserve it. Thank you. - I'll try to win some extra cash for you guys next time / nest round. - Thanks for being a great dealer. I appreciate it. - That was some fine dealing. You were great!

Verbal tipping lets dealers know that their efforts are appreciated. Players should keep in mind that although gambling is a game or chance, human relations never are.

Many players only tip the dealers when they win. It's understandable that they don't want to give away money when they are losing. If this is the case you can still thank them when they leave or give them a compliment while they are dealing. It cost nothing and pays back tremendous dividends. Give it a try next time. Remember that sometimes a kind word can be just as valuable as money.

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