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fruit slot

Types of fruit machines

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Looking for a tasty time at the pub? A pint might do you well, and chips might sound enticing; but the tastiest treat on the menu is straight from the orchard, not the back of the bar. It's a hearty dish of--fruit slots!

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You've probably seen a fruit slot or two nestled in the corner of your local haunt. And you've probably wondered what the fuss is all about--all that noise, those flashing lights, the clink of coins clashing inside the machine. Can fruit slots really be as much fun as they look?

Yes! In fact, fruit slots are the most exciting games around! Fruit slots aren't your normal straight slots, where you just press a button and watch a reel spin around. Fruit slots are multi-layered games with plenty of bonuses and extra features. They're loaded with adventure and excitement, new twists hiding around every corner.

I never tire of playing the fruit machines, precisely because they're always fresh and interesting. Let's take a look at what makes a fruit slot so unique; and then, let's look at how we can win some lager money while we play!

There are as many varieties of slot machines as there are stash spots in George Michael's car. That's a near-unfathomable number. So how can we tell what's a fruit slot and what's not, save hiring a private eye?

A machine might be a fruit slot if:

Now, the above features aren't always unique to fruit slots; so we'll need to look deeper to confirm a machine's fruit factor. A machine is certainly a fruit slot if:

Now that we know how to spot a fruit slot, let's figure out how to maximize our chances of winning. Here are some tips to lower the house edge as you play.

All slot machines, including fruit slot machines are covered under the UK Gambling Act of 2005 and are categorised similar to American slot machines. Fruit slots are automatically designated under one of eight classes as shown in the chart below. Each class represents the minimum and maximum wagers the games are able to accept and/or payout based on the UK Gambling Act. The Act also determines the number of fruit machines (fruit slots) a casino is allowed to have in their establishment and is dependant on whether the casino was built prior to the Gambling Act of 1968 and provisions set out within. As an example, a casino built prior to 1968 is permitted to have a total of 20 slot machines (pub slots) within their establishment under class B through D. Subsequently, the casino may also have any number of fruit machines in class C or D instead. Super size casinos are subject to the Gambling Act of 2005 and are permitted to have up to 150 fruit machines / slot machines in their casino of any class, so long as the table to slot machine ratio does not exceed 5:1.

Class / Category A Games - Category A games are specific to large casinos. Although the Gambling Act accommodate, players are surprised that none actually exist in Britain. Class A slots were became illegal soon after Gordon Brown was named Prime Minister

Class / Category B Games - This category is split into sub categories (B1, B2, B3, B3 A, B4). The only real difference between the different subcategories is the stakes involved and the fact that B2 machines are fixed odds, such as roulette. Class B games use a random number generator and not a pseudorandom number generator.

Class / Category C Games - Class C games are fruit machines, also referred to as one-armed bandits, AWP (Amusement with Prizes) and uk pub slots. These games most often have three reels, however the occasional game may offer five reels. Unlike the American slot machines, the UK fruit machines are subject to smaller wagering requirements, thus smaller prizes. The games average between 16 - 24 fruit symbols, which is where the name was created. The biggest difference between a fruit machine and the standard slot machine is the added features. AWP slots offer one or more sub games such as holding onto a reel, nudging a reel, a bonus feature game. Class C games are different than Class B games in that these slots use a pseudorandom number generator rather than a random number generator.

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