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Types of Low Limit 7 Card Stud Poker Players

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Low limit 7 Card Stud poker is a game where knowing your opponents is very important. At low limits you are likely to see any type of play since the experience level of the players will be varied. Usually at higher limits the quality of play is better, but at low limits anything is possible. That is why it is very important to know the players at these low limit games.

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There are a few different types of players at low limit 7 Card Stud poker and I want to look at each of them. The first type is the home table player. They learned the game at home playing with their friends and believe that poker is a game of luck and that you play every hand. You love these types of players at the table with you. There will be times that they draw out on you, but for the most part they will call all the way down the line with a losing hand.

The next type of player is the higher limit player who decides to play at the lower limit game and run over the table. They raise all the time trying to get everyone to fold. You can take advantage of these players when you get the cards and make them pay for their mistakes. Another type of player related to the high limit player is the big bankroll player. They will try and intimidate the table with their money. They will very often bet more than is normal, just because they have the money. When you get the cards, these players are good to go up against because you can take their money.

Another type of player you commonly run into at the low limit 7 Card Stud poker game is the gambler. He plays all the sports and the horses and is playing poker because he wants the action. These players are usually good to go up against as well, because they will play a lot of hands they shouldn't.

For the most part at the low limit tables you will see players that are playing more for recreation than to make money. This is good for you, but remember you will suffer some bad beats because drawing hands will win on occasion. You need to be very disciplined at the lower limit tables. You want to play tighter than normal at these tables because so many other players are playing loose. When you get good cards you will win bigger pots, but you don't want to be playing so many hands because of the number of players who play loose. Go in with quality hands and you will be much better off. You can't get sucked into playing bad hands like the other players, just because they get lucky on occasion. Remain disciplined and it will serve you well at the low limit 7 Card Stud poker tables.

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