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UIGEA and the History of Gambling Regulation in the US

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The Internet has enjoyed widespread use among the world's population and especially in the United States where everyone seems to do everything online including doing business. Nowadays, even people are gambling online through the Internet because of its convenience and ease. People also enjoy anonymity through the Internet.

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However, in the eyes of the government, gambling is something that should be regulated. Online gambling has had no legal restrictions before, but something came in 2006 in the form of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

UIGEA was first passed into law on September 30, 2006, as an addendum to the Safe Port Act that was passed barely 2 weeks before that. It carries the seventh title to the act, and is designated to be a means to prevent people from making a business out of betting or wagering in online casinos.

Since its implementation, the UIGEA has garnered a lot of negative comments and criticisms from all walks of life, mostly from financial institutions and gamblers. Much of this opposition is aimed towards the vagueness or ambiguity of the UIGEA's language, which does not give a clear definition of what the violations of its provisions are. This has resulted to a lot of frustration from all those concerned, and some associations have even accused the Act of rooting out the privacy of online gamblers.

There have been several negative effects of the Act to US-based gamblers. One, they are now unable to play in offshore sites or are having difficulties in depositing money into their accounts. The Act has also been the basis of legal action against the most powerful country in the world filed with the World Trade Organization by Antigua, who claimed that the US negatively affected its revenues by passing the UIGEA.

UIGEA has not made any negative effects on the act of playing itself, but still online slot gaming has been affected by the provision in UIGEA that states that one cannot transfer funds from financial institutions to online casino accounts. This has been stated by people as the biggest problem that UIGEA has introduced for online gambling, as online gambling needs to be funded in order for the person to play. UIGEA, however, has made it difficult to fund online casino accounts and limited the options that a user has for funding his online accounts.

Another effect that the UIGEA has for the online slot machine players based in the United States is that they are being limited only to online casinos whose servers are based on the United States since it has been mentioned earlier that offshore sites will no longer accept US-based players. If they do, there is still the difficulty of looking for funding sources with which to put money into the account.

The bottom line is that Americans can still play online slot machines in virtual casinos. However, they are now living in a smaller world as funding sources are concerned.

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