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Understanding Common Slot Terms

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What we have below is a list of slot terms that you will find useful. New players may have encountered these terms as they read about slot machines. The list below are terms that you'll commonly read about or hear about when playing slots.

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Hopper: This is the mechanism in a slot machine that contains the money.

Low level: This is a type of slot machine where players can sit in order to play.

Stand Up: This is the opposite of a low-level machine where the players need to stand in order to play the game.

Pay for play machines: Basically, this term refers to a slot machine that requires three coins to get the big wins. The first and second coins are limited to play certain sets of symbols. The third coin can be used on any win. For this type of slot machine, putting in the third coin gives you the chance to win the really huge amounts, if not then you just stick with minimal to average wins.

Payline: This term refers to the line of symbols that you must get in order to strike winnings. Originally, the first slot machines only had one payline. Nowadays, we have slot machines that have more paylines giving more winning combinations that can be made when you play multi-payline slots.

Payout: This term refers to the percentage of the money that goes into a slot machine that is used to pay the winners. Payout percentages vary from one slot machine to the other and from one casino to the next. The payout percentage is just a percentage of an amount of money, it doesn't mean that if you played 100 dollars on a machine you'll get the exact percentage of the money back. Take note that the payout percentage takes into consideration the entire amount of money put in by all players and not just yours.

Progressive Slots: This term refers to a certain type or category of slot machine. As opposed to stand-alone slot machines that we are used to, progressive slots have progressive jackpots that go up as long as there are players putting in coins and playing. The only draw back is that it is very hard to win the progressive jackpot on these slot machines.

Reels: This term refers to the barrels you see on the view screen that spin around and contain different symbols that you need to line up in order to win something. Traditionally, slot reels were mechanical, but today's slot machines have virtual reels.

TILT: This term refers to a certain mode that slot machines enter when a coin is jammed. What happens is that a slot machine going into TILT will stop working until the jammed coin is released. Slot machines also enter this mode when there isn't enough money to pay winners. Players still need to collect their winnings even if a slot machines goes into TILT.

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