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Until First Light at the Casino

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The moon hangs like a specter amidst the moving clouds. The night is deep.and will grow deeper as the moon rises high above the skies. Light coming from the moon illumines the street as one solitary figure steps out of the shadows. He is going to play in a casino. He's going to make a gamble. Yes. A gamble. For just one night he will gamble.

Bonus Casino Adrenaline
Play at Casino Adrenaline

The days gone by had been a nightmare to him. He lost his job. His career. His life. And soon his family when they find out.

"The company has been losing for months now. We have to close an order that we can salvage what little is left of our investment". A few words. Only a few words. But enough to destroy his hopes and dreams. Now everything's gone.

How can he recoup the money he has lost? How can recover everything without his wife and children knowing about it? What is the easiest way to get back everything he has lost?

He is going to play in a casino. He's going to make a gamble. Yes. A gamble. For just one night he will gamble.

Bright lights greeted him as he stepped out of his car. The music made his blood sing as anticipation rises.

He enters the casino. There are so many games to choose from. He thinks hard. He tries blackjack.

Vingt-et-un, which means twenty-one in French, is what Blackjack is originally known as. It dates back in 18th century France. And found its way in shores of America and Canada, and later on in the North American countries during the early twentieth century. However, the game wasn't embraced totally in the U.S., until gambling establishments were legalized in Nevada in the 1930s. The game was then modified and the rules altered a tad to ensure that the odds would be more favorable to the player. If a player draws a jack of spades together with the ace of spades as his first two cards, the player gets a 10:1 bonus payout. This is one of the alterations of the rules of the game. Hence, the name blackjack became widely known as such until now.

The game is played by up to seven players on a semicircular table. The dealer sits in the straight edge and deals from a dealing shoe which has a number of packs rearranged together. Each card has its own value with court cards adding up as 10. The value of the ace can either be a 1 or a 10, depending on the canniness of the player. The player's main goal is to obtain a total card count, either with two cards dealt or with the addition of others. The count must be higher than the dealer but must not exceed twenty-one. When it does exceed twenty-one, the player loses.

Craft. Dexterity. Sharpness of mind. One needs all these to win a hand in blackjack.

Sweating profusely despite the coolness of the room, he takes his seat. The dealer makes a deal. He draws his cards. Luck must be on his side. Or perhaps he plays with such cunning. He can't afford to lose.

He stays until first light at the casino.

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