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Video Poker Loyalty Programs

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It never ceases to amaze us how many of our readers automatically assume that Video Poker would not qualify as an actual casino game when it comes to loyalty incentives. Any wager that you place inside a reputable online casino should count towards their VIP program regardless of how much the wager is, what the odds on that particular game are, or how often you play it.

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We realize that there are several video poker loyalty systems that do not do this, but that’s more a reflection of the quality of the online casino than anything. Since our staff seems to continually get questioned about how to find the best video poker loyalty systems on the net, we’ve prepared this short FAQ for you below

A loyalty system is nothing more than a way for online casinos to reward their deep-stack gamblers with a number of incentives. At first the rewards are minor with things like small deposit bonuses and free T-shirts being sent out in the mail, but eventually some programs give out a tremendous amount of cash and prizes.

There are a few reasons that online casinos go to the trouble of putting together a video poker loyalty system and all of them have to do with making you feel appreciated. In a nutshell, it allows management to recognize and reward the players who spend the most money inside their casinos.

That’s sort of a trick question because the answer is both yes and no. About half of the online casinos do not count video poker at all when it comes to loyalty points because many hands can be played within a short amount of time. Others do count video poker in with the rest of their online casino games when they are calculating loyalty rewards at the end of the month.

There are also a select few online casinos that have loyalty programs designed especially for video poker. For a quick example, click the link to visit Casino Titan or WinPalace on the top of this page.

The short answer is that the online casino keeps track of all of your betting from the date that you open your online account, and they assign a point value to the amount of money you’ve wagered. As you accumulate points, you slowly climb the proverbial ladder on to bigger and better rewards. It is important to note that video poker loyalty systems are not based on how much you win or lose…only on the amount you wager.

First of all, a lot of how you’ll bet depends on the actual video poker machine that you’re playing. You always want to place the maximum wager regardless of the game, but the cards you hold will depend largely on the overall payouts for the different hand combinations and how the bonus round is activated.

For example, Rushmore Online has several different themed video poker machines, each of them with varying odds and incentives. If the bonus round comes off of a flush, then you’ll want to go for them more often since it can lead to multiple free hands that pay out at a higher multiplier. If the extra rounds come from three of a kind or better, then that’s what you’re playing for.

There honestly is not an answer to that question except to say that you should consider the overall payout odds of each machine. Jacks or Better usually pays 3:1 for two pair where a Joker’s game would only pay 1:1; meaning that you have to weigh the rewards with the handicaps. Multi-hand poker is also very popular for online slots because you’re betting more per round, which gets you up the VIP ladder much faster overall.

We have already mentioned Casino Titan, WinPalace, and Rushmore Online because they all have excellent overall odds with great VIP rewards at the higher tiers. In all honesty, any of the three would be suitable to start a loyalty reward account with, but we normally recommend that players try out all three of them and decide for themselves before betting serious money. Even though all three of their rewards programs are for the life of the account, it makes sense to concentrate your betting at just one website.

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