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Visiting the Strip: The Casino Royale Resort

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Casino Royale is a hotel with a casino and a couple of restaurants. It's located right in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip and it really is a diamond in the rough. Forget what you know about the Strip though, The Casino Royale Resort is not the most glamorous place you've ever seen. In fact, many of the world-famous resorts like the Venetian and the Bellagio absolutely dwarf Casino Royale. So, you ask, what's the good news? Well, if you are looking for a completely affordable, true Las Vegas vacation, you need not look any further. Casino Royale keeps the costs to a minimum, and should meet all of your expectations. When you pull into town, if you are driving, you don't need to know the streets of Las Vegas like the back of your hand. Head straight for the entrance to Harrah's, and pull in there to access the Casino Royale parking lot. Don't worry, there are always a ton of available parking spaces, and you won't have to walk too far to get to your room. If you are coming to the strip via the monorail, then you will be taking pretty much the same path.

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The closest monorail stop to Casino Royale is at Harrah's, so that's where you'll want to get off. It can be pretty hard to get out of Harrah's if you aren't familiar with the building, so save yourself the hassle and ask an employee for directions. I've never had an issue checking in to Casino Royale. In fact, the girls at the desk are usually available immediately, and I've never had to wait for a room. Although I've never tried it, a lot of people have complained about booking online. They might have resolved the issues, but why not play it safe and just call instead. In just the last year, Casino Royale remodeled most, if not all, of their rooms. The prices, however, have remained at all time lows! These are pretty simple rooms. They are clean but full; modern but warm. Basically they are comfortable places to rest after running wild in sin city! They never smell like smoke, and you can expect regular turnover service. Last time I visited, I didn't have an internet connection but at the rate these details change, I'd just give them a call if you were curious.

If you didn't get a chance to see the craps-based comparisons on our Las Vegas Craps Casinos page, then let me spell it out for you right here. This is one of the few casinos in the world that lets you take 100x odds! Now if you don't play craps, this might be meaningless, but for serious craps players, this is the best bet in the world. There are only things that could possibly beat the 100x odds bet: counting cards at blackjack, and cheating! Since this is one of the smaller casinos on the Strip, you can also expect lower table limits. The last time I checked, they were taking $3 craps bets, as opposed to the standard $5 limits you see everywhere else. The bottom line is, even if you aren't staying at Casino Royale, this is the place for craps players! Traveler's Tip:

Request a room close to the elevators unless you are looking for a real workout. The hallways are seriously long! Let's face it, nothing in Vegas is quite perfect, and Casino Royale is definitely no exception. On weekend nights, during the busiest periods, the casino can get really crowded. Sometimes people even crowd around the tables three or four deep, and are forced to wait to play. Also, even though you can get $1 mixed drinks and bottled beer, the mixed drinks are NOT premium (watered down), so I'd recommend sticking with the beer. Overall: Best Deal On The Strip Casino Royale might not be right for everyone, but it fills an important niche. It can offer you the prime location, right on the strip, without paying an arm and a leg. If you are hanging out at Casino Royale on one of the less hectic nights, the waitress and bar staff are some of the friendliest in town, and will probably learn your drink preferences immediately. Also, if you are looking for some affordable dining options, there is a Denny's and an Outback Steak House right in the building. Within a block you can find other food options like Chipotle's and a McDonalds. For the money, you simply cannot beat Casino Royale.

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