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What People Wrongly Think About Slots

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Because slots are a game where luck, chance and hitting the right button at the right time are the main reasons of winning, game fans have invented a lot of wrong reasons to explain why some players win and the others don’t. No matter how intelligent a person is or how logical this is, when it comes to gambling myths, most people believe in at least some of them. It isn’t always a bad thing. When you choose the game, method of playing and play your game – you personalize the experience and nobody except you is responsible for the choice when you win. You must, however, know that myths are just myths. The question is, then, are they at least sometimes true?

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Myth #1: If you haven’t won anything for some longer period of time, next time will be a big win. Unfortunately, it isn’t true at least as it comes to American machines. Slot machines, mechanical or video, use Random Number Generators, which means that each and every time there is a chance to win big. There is no sense in watching people play for some longer period of time without winning and, as they walk away, start to play that machine. Winning is only a matter of chance, based only on the moment the button is pressed, or the handle is pulled and on the combination of symbols shown. People know about this for years, but still wrongly believe in it.

However, when it comes to Japanese slot machines, they are programmed to payout more often. For example, if the machine is set to payout money at least once every 1,000 tries, and you have played 900 times – you will win within next 100 times. That is why, in Japan it is helpful to look for machine other people play unsuccessfully. You’ll often see the Japanese players waiting for the tourists to stop playing after some longer time. Here the logic works because the machines are differently programmed.

Myth #2: Most successful machines are always located in certain places. Many people believe that the “winning” machines are always placed in particular locations in a casino, such as the last rows, or near the entrances and exits. Again, luck is the only sure thing when playing slots – even if there were some machines that payout typically more often than others, the manager of the casino would not place them in a certain area. This myth was probably created by somebody who typically found that all their wins were on the machines near entrance or door.

Machines, in fact, may often be moved around as casinos change the arrangement inside their building, hotels, and lobbies. Because many tourists come back to the same casinos, and stay in the same places, some companies like to move machines to give the illusion of “new” games or some better equipment. In the end, machines that are successful may be found anywhere.

Myth #3: It is not so popular as the others, however, there are people who greatly believe in the term “hot machine (a machine that pays out regularly)”. Some believe that the more temperature of the machine, the more often it pays out. That is to say, go around the casino, touch the machines and play the machine that is the warmest to the touch. After choosing the right machine, warm a coin in your hands and only after that put it into the slots. Don’t believe in that myth because the slots use computer programming and the wins are determined by Random Number Generators, and the temperature of the coins or the machines does not influence the wins. This myth was probably created by some lucky player sitting in a hot place.

There are of course other myths. Some people have certain methods they use regularly, like betting one coin, three coins, five coins, and one coin again. Some prefer certain themes, some play only one game (such as wheel of fortune.) Some people start playing machines no one else plays, some wait until their favorite is free. In the end, these are not logical means to improve the chances of winning. Playing slots is fun! As long as you play having this in mind, understand the chance and listen to any advice but do not take it seriously – you will enjoy your game for sure!

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