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Where to Gamble in Mississippi

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The people of Mississippi have been gambling for centuries. The Indians, one of the early settlers of the state, loved to bet, though their games are not what we can call casino games. Mississippi is also one of the states that legalize gambling early. By the 1920s to 1930s there were already a number of casinos that offered slots machines to guests. Because they are very well-loved by the people, you can also find slots in grocery stores and other business establishments.

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Despite legalized gambling in the state, it has very stringent laws when it comes to owning slot machines. You are not allowed to own any new one. Any peronally owned slots machine has had to be manufactured 25 or more years ago. They should also be slots that have been declared by the government as collectible or antique, gaming equipment that you may not be able to actually use.

One of the best slots gaming centers in Mississippi is Hollywood Casino located in Tunica. There are more than 1,000 slots machines that you can select, which means you'll never run out of options. You may even get tired of playing them sooner or later. That being said, you can use pennies, nickels, dollars, or quarters, to start the game rolling. There are new machines that are being added onto the floor regularly. Some of the popular slots games in the casino include Hot Hot Penny, Wheel of Fortune, and Progressive 25 cents. They also have Power Progressives, which are composed of 7 levels and whose prizes mean thousands of dollars--if you can win them. There are also Quick Hit Platinums, which are exclusive to this casino only.

Even if the gaming commission is strict in regards to slot ownership, it's very relaxed on other gambling rules. Otherwise, there wouldn't be too many casinos operating all over the state. Besides slots and casino games, residents and tourists can go to bingo halls. Surprisingly, despite the relaxed gambling laws, there is no state lottery here. This is seldom heard of, considering that most states in the US have a lottery.

When you're in Mississippi, take some time to try the lodges, cabins, and camp grounds. These accommodation options can bring you closer to nature. Immerse yourself into their culture as well. That could include visiting their museums, art centers, theaters, and even gardens. You don't want to miss cruising on the Mississippi River, which is already a natural landmark of the state.

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